Panini 1979 WC Set

1979 Panini (1978 World Championships) Set of 400 (loose stickers)

4 Key Stickers

Marcel Dionne, Peter Stastny, Vladislav Tretiak & Thomas Gradin.

Sticker History

This set was made to honour the 1978 Hockey World Championships in Prague from April 26th- May 14th 1978. Set has NHL players, but in their National Team’s Colors. Set is based on the 1978 Hockey World Championships. The write up for this year that I made will have a little World Championships, a little NHL and a little WHA as it really had a little to do with all 3 of them. There was no Gretzky made for this set as he did not play for Canada this year, although Gretzky did play in the World Juniors in January of 1978. The album features Denis Herron (picture matched with his mask), Thomas Gradin (picture matched to a jersey I found online that had him wearing #24 instead of his normal #23) and Lennart Norberg (picture matched to a jersey I also found online showing him wearing #19 and cross-referencing the Sweden team roster for 1978, it is for sure him). This set features some great NHL and international All-Star Hockey players. This was the first year that any type of Panini hockey stickers were marketed in North America. Euro Canada Candy was the Canadian Distributor out of Montreal Quebec. When finding unopened wax from 1979, it is not uncommon for the glue that held the packages to be coming undone. There are 504 players in this checklist (104 players share the same sticker number).

Sticker Facts

The size of each full sticker is 5.4 cm X 6.9 cm (2.13 in X 2.72 in). There were 100 packages in each wax box which originally retailed for $0.15 per pack. Each package contained 6 stickers. The minimum number of packages needed to make a full set (assuming absolutely no doubles) is 67. The original album ($0.25) cover featured Denis Herron, Thomas Gradin and Lennart Norberg. The 1979 Stanley Cup winners were the Montreal Canadiens with Bob Gainey the Conn Smythe Trophy winner as playoffs MVP. The 1979 Avco Cup (WHA) winners were the Winnipeg Jets with Rich Preston the WHA MVP Trophy winner as playoffs MVP.

1978 World Championships Tournament Facts

The 1978 Ice Hockey World Championships took place in Prague, Czechoslovakia from 26th April to 14th May. Eight teams took part, with each team playing each other once in the first round, and then the four best teams meeting in the Finals round. This was the 45th World Championships. The Czechs took home the silver medal after losing the championship on a tie-breaker to the USSR. Team Canada won the bronze medal by a late Canadian goal. Boris Petrovich Mikhailov was the tournament leading goal scorer. The 1978 World Hockey Championships were won by The Soviet Union with Marcel Dionne (from Canada) being named the tournament’s top forward. Vyacheslav Fetisov (from the USSR) being named the tournament’s best defenseman and Jirí Holecek (from Czechoslovakia) being named the tournament’s top goalie. The Tournament All-Star team (as chosen by the journalists attending the games) were: Jirí Holecek (Czechoslovakia) , Vyacheslav Fetisov (USSR), Jirí Bubla (Czechoslovakia), Sergueï Kapustin (USSR), Ivan Hlinka (Czechoslovakia) and Aleksandr Maltsev (USSR).

NHL/WHA Season Facts

The Montreal Canadiens skate to their 4th Stanley Cup in a row. The Minnesota North Stars select Bobby Smith with their first overall pick in the NHL Entry draft. Don Murdoch was suspended for 40 games when cocaine was found in his clothing while crossing the border. Tony McKegney becomes the first “full time” black skater to play in the NHL. On December 23, 1978, Bryan Trottier sets an NHL record for scoring 6 points in one period of hockey. Mike Bossy of the Islanders is the league’s top goal-scorer with 69 while center Bryan Trottier (won league MVP Hart Trophy beating out Guy Lafleur) wins the Art Ross Trophy for most points with 134. Don Maloney of the Rangers sets an NHL record for rookies scoring 20 points in the 1979 playoffs. A bum knee forces 30 year old Hockey Legend Bobby Orr to retire on November 9th 1978. He captured 2 Stanley Cups and an amazing 8 (most ever) straight Norris Tophies. Ken Dryden and his 2.30 GAA and 5 shutouts are tops in the league. Dryden won his 4th consecutive Vezina Trophy (sharing this one with Bunny Larocque) and 6th Stanley Cup. Interestingly enough, the 31 year old Dryden then retires at the age of 31 and moves to England to write a book about his hockey experiences. It should be noted that Ken Dryden’s brother Dave led all goalies in the WHA for the 1978-79 season with the best GAA (2.89) there as well. Real Cloutier scored the 2nd highest ever goal total in a WHA year potting 75 goals. Real was second only the Bobby Hull’s record of 77 goals. Denis Potvin won his 3rd Norris Trophy outballoting Larry Robinson. The Winnipeg Jets win the last ever WHA Championship (The Avco Cup) defeating the Edmonton Oilers in 6 games. An unknown by the name of Rich Preston wins the WHA playoff MVP award. Marcel Dionne wins the Lester B. Pearson Award for being voted the NHL MVP by the players. Bobby Smith is the Rookie of the Year winning the Calder Trophy. Bob Gainey wins the Selke Trophy, Al Arbour wins the Jack Adams Trophy and Bob MacMillan wins the Lady Byng Trophy.

NHL/WHA Expansion Notes

The Maverick league, the WHA, began the 1978-79 season down to only 7 teams. Negotiations between the NHL and WHA were held all year to discuss a possible merger. On June 9th, 1979 the NHL and NHLPA approved a deal that would bring 4 WHA teams into the NHL for the following season. Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec and New England (would go onto being known as Hartford) were the teams that made the cut where Cincinnati, Birmingham and Indianapolis were left to find a minor league that would take them in. The 4 expansion clubs contributed a combined total of 24 million dollars as their “expansion fee” into the NHL. Also the Cleveland Barons merged with the Minnesota North Stars and stayed in Minnesota.

Wayne Gretzky Notes

Gretzky was only 17 to start this season and the NHL had a rule forbidding teams to sign anyone under the age of 18. The Indianapolis Racers of the WHA quickly snapped up “The Great One”. Wayne was subsequently sold to the Edmonton Oilers of the WHA (8 games into the season) where it was evident that he was worth every ounce of hype put onto him. Gretzky led all WHA playoff scorers with 10 goals and 20 points. Led by Gretzky, the Oilers of the WHA won the last WHA regular season title before merging with the NHL. This series featured no Gretzky stickers.



1979-80 Panini Sticker Album


If you would like to add this album to put your stickers into, I do have it available here

This album measures about 25 cm X 23 cm (10 inches X 9 inches) and comes to you in near mint condition and currently sits empty with no stickers.

One Response to Panini 1979 WC Set

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1979-80 (1978) World Hockey Championships Sticker Set:

    1 Disallowed Goal
    2 Butt-Ending
    3 Slow Whistle
    4 Hooking
    5 Charging
    6 Misconduct Penalty
    7 Holding
    8 High Sticking
    9 Tripping
    10 Cross Checking
    11 Elbowing
    12 Icing
    13 Icing
    14 Boarding
    15 Kneeing
    16 Slashing
    17 Roughing
    18 Spearing
    19 Interference
    20 Poster World-Championship Czech Republic
    21 Cameo Russia
    22 Cameo Russia
    23 Cameo Russia
    24 Cameo Russia
    25 Cameo Russia
    26 Cameo Russia
    27 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    28 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    29 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    30 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    31 Denis Herron Canada
    32 Denis Herron Canada
    33 Cameo Russia
    34 Cameo Russia
    35 Cameo USA
    36 Cameo USA
    37 Cameo Finland
    38 Cameo Germany
    39 Cameo Germany
    40 Logo Czech Republic
    41 Logo Poland
    42 Logo Russia
    43 Logo USA
    44 Logo Canada
    45 Logo Germany
    46 Logo Finland
    47 Logo Sweden
    48 Marcel Dionne Canada
    49 Marcel Dionne Canada
    50 Marcel Dionne Canada
    51 Marcel Dionne Canada
    52 Denis Herron Canada
    53 Dan Bouchard Canada
    54 Rick Hampton Canada
    55 Robert Picard Canada
    56 Brad Maxwell Canada
    57 David Shand Canada
    58 Dennis Kearns Canada
    59 Tom Lysiak Canada
    60 Dennis Maruk Canada
    61 Marcel Dionne Canada
    62 Guy Charron Canada
    63 Glen Sharpley Canada
    64 Jean Pronovost Canada
    65 Don Lever Canada
    66 Bob MacMillan Canada
    67 Wilf Paiement Canada
    68 Pat Hickey Canada
    69 Mike Murphy Canada
    70 Peter Stastny Czech Republic
    71 Peter Stastny Czech Republic
    72 Peter Stastny Czech Republic
    73 Peter Stastny Czech Republic
    74 Jiri Holecek Czech Republic
    75 Jiri Crha Czech Republic
    76 Jiri Bubla Czech Republic
    77 Milan Kajki Czech Republic
    78 Miroslav Dvorak Czech Republic
    79 Milan Chalupa Czech Republic
    80 Frantisek Kaberle Czech Republic
    81 Jan Zajicek Czech Republic
    82 Jiri Novak Czech Republic
    83 Ivan Hlinka Czech Republic
    84 Peter Stastny Czech Republic
    85 Milan Novy Czech Republic
    86 Vladimir Martinec Czech Republic
    87 Jaroslav Pouzar Czech Republic
    88 Pavel Richter Czech Republic
    89 Bohuslav Ebermann Czech Republic
    90 Marian Stastny Czech Republic
    91 Frantisek Cernick Czech Republic
    92 Team Photo Germany
    93 Team Photo Germany
    94 Team Photo Germany
    95 Team Photo Germany
    96 Erich Weishaupt Germany
    97 Bernhard Engelbrecht Germany
    98 Ignaz Berndaner Germany
    99 Robert Murray Germany
    100 Udo Kiessling Germany
    101 Klaus Auhuber Germany
    102 Horst Kretschmer Germany
    103 Erich Kuhnhackl Germany
    104 Martin Wild Germany
    105 Sr.Lorenz Funk Germany
    106 Martin Hinterstocker Germany
    107 Alois Schloder Germany
    108 Rainer Phillipp Germany
    109 Hermann Hinterstocker Germany
    110 Franz Reindl Germany
    111 Walter Koberle Germany
    112 Johann Zach Germany
    113 Marcus Kuhl Germany
    114 Team Photo Poland
    115 Team Photo Poland
    116 Team Photo Poland
    117 Team Photo Poland
    118 Henryk Wojtynek Poland
    119 T. Slowakiewicz Poland
    120 Henryk Janiszewski Poland
    121 Henryk Gruth Poland
    122 A Slowakiewicz Poland
    123 Andrzej Eskrzycki Poland
    124 Jerzy Potz Poland
    125 Marek Marcinczak Poland
    126 Jozef Batkiewicz Poland
    127 Stefan Chowaniec Poland
    128 Andrzej Malysiak Poland
    129 Walenty Zietara Poland
    130 Henryk Pytel Poland
    131 Mieczyslaw Jaskierski Poland
    132 Andrezei Zabawa Poland
    133 Tadeusz Oboj Poland
    134 Jan Piecko Poland
    135 Leszek Tokarz Poland
    136 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    137 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    138 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    139 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    140 Vladislav Tretiak Russia
    141 Viacheslav Fetisov Russia
    142 Vladimir Lutchenko Russia
    143 Vasilij Pervukhin Russia
    144 Valeri Vasiliev Russia
    145 Gennady Tsygankov Russia
    146 Juri Fedorov Russia
    147 Vladimir Petrov Russia
    148 Vladimir Golikov Russia
    149 Victor Zhluktov Russia
    150 Boris Mikhailov Russia
    151 Valeri Kharlamov Russia
    152 Helmut Balderis Russia
    153 Sergej Kapustin Russia
    154 Alexander Golikov Russia
    155 Alexander Maltsev Russia
    156 Yuri Lebedev Russia
    157 Sergei Makarov Russia
    158 Pekka Rautakallio Finland
    159 Pekka Rautakallio Finland
    160 Pekka Rautakallio Finland
    161 Pekka Rautakallio Finland
    162 Urpo Ylonen Finland
    163 Antero Kivela Finland
    164 Pekka Rautakallio Finland
    165 Timo Nummelin Finland
    166 Risto Siltanen Finland
    167 Pekka Marjamaki Finland
    168 Tapio Levo Finland
    169 Lasse Litma Finland
    170 Esa Peitonen Finland
    171 Martti Jarkko Finland
    172 Matti Hagman Finland
    173 Seppo Repo Finland
    174 Pertti Korvulahti Finland
    175 Seppo Ahokainen Finland
    176 Juhani Tamminen Finland
    177 Jukka Porvari Finland
    178 Mikko Leinonen Finland
    179 Matti Rautiainen Finland
    180 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    181 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    182 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    183 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    184 Goran Hogasta Sweden
    185 Hardy Astrom Sweden
    186 Stig Ostling Sweden
    187 Ulf Weinstock Sweden
    188 Mats Waltin Sweden
    189 Borje Salming Sweden
    190 Lars Zetterstrom Sweden
    191 Lars Lindgren Sweden
    192 Leif Holmgren Sweden
    193 Roland Ericksson Sweden
    194 Rolf Edberg Sweden
    195 Per-Olov Brasar Sweden
    196 Mats Ahlberg Sweden
    197 Bengt Lundholm Sweden
    198 Lars-Gunnar Lundberg Sweden
    199 Nils-Olov Olsson Sweden
    200 Kent-Erik Andersson Sweden
    201 Thomas Gradin Sweden
    202 Mark Johnson USA
    203 Mark Johnson USA
    204 Mark Johnson USA
    205 Mark Johnson USA
    206 Pete Lopresti USA
    207 Jim Warden USA
    208 Dick Lamby USA
    209 Craig Norwich USA
    210 Glenn Patrick USA
    211 Patrick Westrum USA
    212 Don Jackson USA
    213 Mark Johnson USA
    214 Curt Bennett USA
    215 Dave Debol USA
    216 Bob Collyard USA
    217 Mike Fidler USA
    218 Tom Younghans USA
    219 Harvey Bennett USA
    220 Steve Jensen USA
    221 Jim Warner USA
    222 Mike Eaves USA
    223 William Gilligan USA
    224 World-Championship Poster Czech Republic
    225 Poland Romania. 8-6 Poland
    226 Poland Romania. 8-6 Poland
    227 Poland Romania. 8-6 Poland
    228 Poland Romania. 8-6 Poland
    229 Poland Hungary 7-2 Poland
    230 Poland Hungary 7-2 Poland
    231 Japan Yugoslavia. 6-1 Yugoslavia
    232 Japan Yugoslavia 6-1 Yugoslavia
    233 Italy Yugoslavia 6-1 Italy
    234 Italy Yugoslavia 6-1 Italy
    235 Romania Italy 5-5 Italy
    236 Romania Italy 5-5 Italy
    237 Denmark Netherlands 3-3 Poland
    238 Denmark Netherlands 3-3 Poland
    239 Germany Netherlands Spain 19-0 Germany
    240 Netherlands Spain 19-0 Hungary
    241 Austria Denmark 7-4 Netherlands
    242 Austria Denmark 7-4 Romania
    243 Netherlands Bulgaria 8-0 Switzerland
    244 China Denmark 3-2 Japan
    245 China France 8-4 Norway
    246 Austria Austria
    247 Team Photo Germany
    248 Team Photo Germany
    249 Roland Herzig Germany
    249 Wolfgang Kraske East Germany
    250 Dieter Simon Germany
    250 Dietmar Peters East Germany
    251 Dieter Frenzel Germany
    251 Joachim Lempio East Germany
    252 Reinhard Fengler Germany
    252 Peter Slapke East Germany
    253 Rainer Patschinski Germany
    253 Rolf Bielas East Germany
    254 Roland Peters Germany
    254 Eckhard Scholz East Germany
    255 Friedhelm Bogelsack Germany
    255 Joachim Stasche East Germany
    256 Team Photo Switzerland
    257 Team Photo Switzerland
    258 Edgar Grubauer Switzerland
    258 Olivier Anken Switzerland
    259 Aldo Zenhausern Switzerland
    259 Andreas Meyer Switzerland
    260 Jakob Kolliker Switzerland
    260 Jean-Claude Locher Switzerland
    261 Georg Mattli Switzerland
    261 Giovanni Conte Switzerland
    262 Renzo Holzer Switzerland
    262 Roland Dellsberger Switzerland
    263 Michael Horisberger Switzerland
    263 Luca Rossetti Switzerland
    264 Jurg Berger Switzerland
    264 Lorenz Schmid Switzerland
    265 Team Photo Hungary
    266 Team Photo Hungary
    267 Janos Balagh Hungary
    267 Andras Farkas Hungary
    268 Csaba Kovacs Hungary
    268 Janos Hajzer Hungary
    269 Peter Flora Hungary
    269 Adam Kereszty Hungary
    270 Antal Palla Hungary
    270 Andras Meszoly Hungary
    271 Gaspar Menyhart Hungary
    271 Peter Havran Hungary
    272 Janos Poth Hungary
    272 Albert Muhr Hungary
    273 Gyorgy Buzas Hungary
    273 Gyorgy Pek Hungary
    274 Team Photo Netherlands
    275 Team Photo Netherlands
    276 Harry Van-Bilsen Netherlands
    276 Henk Krikke Netherlands
    277 Frank Van-Soldt Netherlands
    277 George Peternousek Netherlands
    278 Patrick Kolijn Netherlands
    278 Klaas Van-Den-Broek Netherlands
    279 Larry Van-Wieren Netherlands
    279 Johan Toren Netherlands
    280 Robert Van-Onlangs Netherlands
    280 Jerry Schaffer Netherlands
    281 Jan Janssen Netherlands
    281 John Van-Der-Griendt Netherlands
    282 Jack De-Heer Netherlands
    282 Leo Koopmans Netherlands
    283 Team Photo Japan
    284 Team Photo Japan
    285 Takeshi Iwamoto Japan
    285 Minoru Misaw Japan
    286 Norio Ito Japan
    286 Kazuma Tonozaki Japan
    287 Hiroshi Hori Japan
    287 Iwao Nakayama Japan
    288 Yasushin Tanaka Japan
    288 Yoshiaki Kyoya Japan
    289 Katsutoshi Kawamura Japan
    289 Yoshio Hoshino Japan
    290 Satoru Misawa Japan
    290 Teruo Sakurai Japan
    291 Sadaki Honma Japan
    291 Tsutomu Hanzawa Japan
    292 Team Photo Norway
    293 Team Photo Norway
    294 Tore Walberg Norway
    294 Jorn Goldstein Norway
    295 Thor Martinsen Norway
    295 Rune Molberg Norway
    296 Nils Nilsen Norway
    296 Jone Erevik Norway
    297 Sven Lien Norway
    297 Tom Roymark Norway
    298 Per-Erik Eriksen Norway
    298 Roar Ovstedal Norway
    299 Vidar Johansen Norway
    299 Harry Haraldsen Norway
    300 Morten Sethereng Norway
    300 Kjell Thorkildsen Norway
    301 Team Photo Austria
    302 Team Photo Austria
    303 Franz Schilcher Austria
    303 Fritz Prohaska Austria
    304 Pentti Hyytaienen Austria
    304 Othmar Russ Austria
    305 Silvester Staribacher Austria
    305 Walter Schneider Austria
    306 Franz Kotnauer Austria
    306 Herbert Pok Austria
    307 Alexander Sadjina Austria
    307 Rudolf Konig Austria
    308 Herbert Mortl Austria
    308 Gerhard Pepeunig Austria
    309 Werner Schilcher Austria
    309 Herbert Haiszan Austria
    310 Team Photo Romania
    311 Team Photo Romania
    312 Gheorghe Hutan Romania
    312 Valerian Netedu Romania
    313 Elod Antal Romania
    313 Sandor Gall Romania
    314 Gheorghe Iustinian Romania
    314 Ion Ionita Romania
    315 Vasile Hutanu Romania
    315 Alexandru Halauca Romania
    316 Doru Tureanu Romania
    316 Dimitru Axinte Romania
    317 Zoltan Nagy Romania
    317 Marian Costea Romania
    318 Constantin Nistor Romania
    318 Adrian Olenici Romania
    319 World-Championship Poster Czech Republic
    320 Denmark Netherlands 3-3 Denmark
    321 Denmark Netherlands 3-3 Denmark
    322 Netherlands Spain 19-0 Netherlands
    323 Netherlands Spain 19-0 Netherlands
    324 Austria Denmark 7-4 Austria
    325 Austria Denmark 7-4 Austria
    326 Netherlands Bulgaria 8-0 Bulgaria
    327 China Denmark 3-2 Denmark
    328 China France 8-4 France
    329 Logo Bulgaria
    330 Logo France
    331 Logo Italy
    332 Logo Yugoslavia
    333 Logo Belgium
    334 Logo China
    335 Logo Denmark
    336 Logo Spain
    337 Team Photo Belgium
    338 Team Photo Belgium
    339 Pierre Smeets Belgium
    339 Guy Lauwers Belgium
    340 Georges Adriaensen Belgium
    340 Alain Zwikel Belgium
    341 Christian Cuvelier Belgium
    341 Pierre Sarazin Belgium
    342 Phillipe Vermeulen Belgium
    342 Christian Voskertian Belgium
    343 Bob Verschraegen Belgium
    343 Patrick Arnould Belgium
    344 Jozef Lejeune Belgium
    344 Pierre Langh Belgium
    345 Team Photo Bulgaria
    346 Team Photo Bulgaria
    347 Atanas Iliev Bulgaria
    347 Dimitar Lazarov Bulgaria
    348 Gueorgui Iliev Bulgaria
    348 Dimo Krastinov Bulgaria
    349 Kroum Hristov Bulgaria
    349 Nikolay Petrov Bulgaria
    350 Ivan Atanasov Bulgaria
    350 Milcho Nenov Bulgaria
    351 Atanas Todorov Bulgaria
    351 Lubomir Stoilov Bulgaria
    352 Kiril Guerasimov Bulgaria
    352 Marin Batchvarov Bulgaria
    353 Team Photo China
    354 Team Photo China
    355 Tsui Ting-Wen China
    355 Yang Yung-Ke China
    356 Cheng Ke China
    356 Pien Shao-Tang China
    357 Wang Ta-Chun China
    357 Chang Yung-Sheng China
    358 Chen His-Kiang China
    358 Wei Chang-Shun China
    359 Li Cheng-Hsin China
    359 Liu Te-Hsi China
    360 Hsiang Shu-Ching China
    360 Chen Sheng-Wen China
    361 Team Photo Denmark
    362 Team Photo Denmark
    363 Bent Hansen Denmark
    363 Per Holten-Moller Denmark
    364 Richard Andersen Denmark
    364 Tommy Pedersen Denmark
    365 Kenneth Henriksen Denmark
    365 Jesper Hviid Denmark
    366 Frits Nielsen Denmark
    366 Steen Thomsen Denmark
    367 Carsten Nielsen Denmark
    367 Egon Kahl Denmark
    368 Jens Jensen Denmark
    368 Soren Gjerding Denmark
    369 Team Photo Spain
    370 Team Photo Spain
    371 Sergio Estrada Spain
    371 Josian Lizarraga Spain
    372 Francisco Gonzalez Spain
    372 Ramon Munitiz Spain
    373 Alberto Marin Spain
    373 Bienvenido Aguado Spain
    374 Toni Raventos Spain
    374 Ezequiel Encinas Spain
    375 Antonio Capillas Spain
    375 Jose Sarazirar Spain
    376 Perico Labayen Spain
    376 Antonio Plaza Spain
    377 Team Photo France
    378 Team Photo France
    379 Daniel Maric France
    379 Pascal Del-Monaco France
    380 Robert Oprandi France
    380 Bernard Combe France
    381 Andre Allard France
    381 Bernard Le-Blond France
    382 Jean Vassieux France
    382 Phillipe Rey France
    383 Guy Galiay France
    383 Jean Le-Blond France
    384 Alain Vinard France
    384 Louis Smaniotto France
    385 Team Photo Italy
    386 Team Photo Italy
    387 Giorgio Tigliani Italy
    387 Norbert Gasser Italy
    388 Erwin Kostner Italy
    388 Gino Pasqualotto Italy
    389 Renato Lacedelli Italy
    389 Fabio Polloni Italy
    390 Adolf Insam Italy
    390 Renato De-Toni Italy
    391 Herbert Strohmaier Italy
    391 Fabrizio Kasslatter Italy
    392 Pat De-Marchi Italy
    392 Mario Pugliese Italy
    393 Team Photo Yugoslavia
    394 Team Photo Yugoslavia
    395 Marjan Zbontar Yugoslavia
    395 Ivan Scap Yugoslavia
    396 Bojan Kumar Yugoslavia
    396 Tomaz Kosir Yugoslavia
    397 Ignac Kavec Yugoslavia
    397 Roman Smolej Yugoslavia
    398 Edvard Kafner Yugoslavia
    398 Tomaz Lepsa Yugoslavia
    399 Silvo Poljansek Yugoslavia
    399 Saso Kosir Yugoslavia
    400 Peter-Igor Klemenc Yugoslavia
    400 Milan Jan Yugoslavia

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