1991 Quebec Nordiques set of 32

1991 Panini Quebec Nordiques Super Set of 32 (2 Panels)

4 Key Stickers

Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Guy LaFleur and Owen Nolan.

Sticker History

These stickers were only available in Panini Factory sets that could be ordered through a mail away offer. You had to order them from Panini Canada in St. Laurent Quebec for $2.99 plus $0.50 for shipping and handling. Each cellophane wrapped factory set came with a blank poster where you could place all of your stickers and 2 sticker panels sheets of stickers. These were never sold in stores and many people do not even know that these exist. The most prominent players in this set are Mats Sundin, Guy Lafleur and Joe Sakic. Panini only made these factory sets for the 7 Canadian teams.

Sticker Facts

The size of each sticker was about 5.4 cm X 7.3 cm (2.13 in X 2.9 in).

One Response to 1991 Quebec Nordiques set of 32

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1991 Quebec Nordiques Panini Super Set of 32:

    1 Joe Cirella Nordiques
    2 Daniel Dore Nordiques
    3 Steven Finn Nordiques
    4 Bryan Fogarty Nordiques
    5 Marc Fortier Nordiques
    6 Paul Gillis Nordiques
    7 Scott Gordon Nordiques
    8 Stephane Guerard Nordiques
    9 Mike Hough Nordiques
    10 Tony Hrkac Nordiques
    11 Darin Kimble Nordiques
    12 Guy Lafleur Nordiques
    13 Curtis Leschyshyn Nordiques
    14 Claude Loiselle Nordiques
    15 Tony McKegney Nordiques
    16 Ken McRae Nordiques
    17 Owen Nolan Nordiques
    18 Joe Sakic Nordiques
    19 Everett Sanipass Nordiques
    20 Mats Sundin Nordiques
    21 John Tanner Nordiques
    22 Ron Tugnutt Nordiques
    23 Randy Velischek Nordiques
    24 Craig Wolanin Nordiques
    A Logo Nordiques
    C Guy Lafleur Nordiques
    G Guy Lafleur Nordiques
    H Mats Sundin Nordiques

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