1991-92 Clever set of 25

1991-92 Clever Disc Set of 25

4 Key Stickers

Pick your favorite team and insert here.

Sticker History

This is a set that put out only once by a company called Clever. There are 25 logos in this set. This was was made to commemorate the NHL’s 75th Anniversary season. One very bizarre note about this set is that there is BOTH a North Stars as well as a Stars logo in this set. This was around the time when the North Stars were transitioning to be called just the “Stars” but very intriguing for them to include BOTH logos.

Sticker Facts

Each disc measured about 3 cm in diameter.

One Response to 1991-92 Clever set of 25

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1991-92 Clever Set of 25.

    1 Sabres Logo
    2 NHL 75th Logo
    3 Flyers Logo
    4 Sharks Logo
    5 Islanders Logo
    6 Blackhawks Logo
    7 Canucks Logo
    8 Rangers Logo
    9 Red Wings Logo
    10 Nordiques Logo
    11 Bruins Logo
    12 Stanley Cup
    13 Jets Logo
    14 Whalers Logo
    15 North Stars Logo
    16 Penguins Logo
    17 Capitals Logo
    18 Kings Logo
    19 Blues Logo
    20 Oilers Logo
    21 Canadiens Logo
    22 Stars Logo
    23 Maple Leafs Logo
    24 Devils Logo
    25 Flames Logo

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