1988-89 Kellogg’s Brett Hull Set of 4

1988-89 Kellogg's Brett Hull Set of 4

4 Key Stickers

There are 4 Solid Looking Brett Hull Stickers Here.

Sticker History

There were 4 different panels made that had the 4 different Brett Hull pictures. Each of these panels had a Corneilus (Corn Flakes Mascot) sticker on the left and a different Brett Hull sticker on the right. These panels were originally issued in cellophane packages.

Sticker Facts

The size of each Hull sticker is about 8.7 cm by 6 cm. Each full panel measures 12.1 cm by 8.7 cm when fully extended.

One Response to 1988-89 Kellogg’s Brett Hull Set of 4

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1988-89 Kellogg’s Brett Hull Set of 4 of Stickers:

    1 Brett Hull Blues/ Skating
    2 Brett Hull Blues/ Shooting
    3 Brett Hull Blues/ Passing
    4 Brett Hull Blues/ All Star

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