1983 Wayne Gretzky Wall Skin Set of 1

1983-84 Wayne Gretzky Wallskin Set of 1

Key Sticker

There can only be the Great One!

Sticker History

This was one of the most unique 1 sticker sets ever made. This was originally made to be put onto the side of the huge rolled up 6 foot by 6 foot Wayne Gretzky Wallskin poster in order for the customer to see what the poster looks like when put on the wall. So many people I know had one of these back in 1983 up on their wall. I was very lucky to find some of these in St. Albert, Alberta (just outside of the CIty of Edmonton). These stickers still have their original backing and look to be directly from the manufacturer. They were all cut a slight bit “not square” on the bottom just below “Wayne Gretzky”. The part that was cut off said “6′ by 6′ Wallskin poster” or something to that effect. I believe that the dealer that had these in their possession thought the stickers would “look better centered” if cut just below Gretzky’s name. This is the way they are now. Not many of these “full stickers” are known to exist as when the posters were put out back in 1983. How many people would actually keep the packaging with the promo sticker attached?

Sticker Facts

This unique sticker measures about 6.4 cm X 6.7 cm (2.5 in X 2.6 in) in it’s current form.

4 Responses to 1983 Wayne Gretzky Wall Skin Set of 1

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1983 Wayne Gretzky Wall Skin Set of 1:

    99 Wayne Gretzky Oilers

  2. Tracy Trempner says:

    I have the actual wall skin unopened. What would be the approximate value?

  3. Dale says:

    I have 4 unopened Wall Skins from Walter Gretzky what is the value any one want to purchase them

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