1983-84 Oilers McDonald’s Set of 25

Mcdonald's 1983-84 Oilers Set of 25 (7 panels)

4 Key Oiler Stickers

Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri, Mark Messier and Dave Semenko.

Oilers Mcdonald’s Sticker History

These Mcdonald’s Oilers stickers (They were also known as cards with an adhesive strip on the back that could be moistened to stick in the album). Either way, they are extremely cool! These were available only in Edmonton, Alberta and area Mcdonald’s locations in 1983. The 25 stickers came in 7 panels. The first 6 panels were issued in wide rectangular form. The panels were as follows: Panel 1: Glenn Anderson, Coaches Sather, Muckler and Green, Jaroslav Pouzar. Panel 2: Paul Coffey, Andy Moog, Raimo Summanen. Panel 3: Pat Conacher, Lee Fogolin, Don Jackson, Mark Messier. Panel 4: Randy Gregg, Charlie Huddy, Kevin Lowe, Emery Edge Trophy. Panel 5: Rick Chartraw, Wayne Gretzky, Willy Lindstrom, Dave Lumley. Panel 6: Grant Fuhr, Pat Hughes, Kevin McClelland. Finally, Panel 7: Dave Hunter, Jari Kurri, Ken Linseman and Dave Semenko (this panel was the long rectangular one).

*The following information I got from fellow collector Bruce, this is great information!*

“An interesting fact is that McDonalds had the sole licence to produce local Edmonton Oilers Memorabilia in 1983-84 & that was why Red Rooster did not produce a Hockey Card Set for the Oilers this year. It proved to be a Good Luck Charm as the Oilers won their 1st Stanley Cup this year.”

Oilers Mcdonald’s Sticker Facts

The sizes of each of these panels varied. 6 panels were issued as wide rectangles. 1 panel was issued as a skinny rectangle. Most of the stickers measured 2.5 by 1.5 inches. There was an album issued by Mcdonald’s made to house these stickers.



1983-84 Oilers Mcdonald's Sticker Album




If you would like to add this album to put your stickers into, I do have it available here

This album measures about XX cm X XX cm (10 inches X 9 inches) and comes to you in near mint condition and currently sits empty with no stickers.

One Response to 1983-84 Oilers McDonald’s Set of 25

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1983-84 Oilers McDonald’s Set of 25:

    1 Lee Fogolin / Cut from Messier/Conacher/Fogolin/Jackson Panel
    2 Kevin Lowe / Cut from Huddy/Gregg/Lowe/Emery Edge Panel
    3 Rick Chartraw / Cut from Gretzky/Lindstrom/Lumley/Chartraw Panel
    4 Paul Coffey / Cut from Coffey/Moog/Summanen Panel
    5 Glenn Anderson / Cut from Anderson/Coaches/Pouzar Panel
    6 Jaroslav Pouzar / Cut from Anderson/Coaches/Pouzar Panel
    7 Mark Messier / Cut from Messier/Conacher/Fogolin/Jackson Panel
    8 Dave Hunter / Cut from Kurri/Hunter/Linseman/Semenko Panel
    9 Ken Linesman / Cut from Kurri/Hunter/Linseman/Semenko Panel
    10 Pat Conacher / Cut from Messier/Conacher/Fogolin/Jackson Panel
    11 Pat Hughes / Cut from Fuhr/Hughes/McClelland Panel
    12 Jari Kurri / Cut from Kurri/Hunter/Linseman/Semenko Panel
    13 Willy Lindstrom / Cut from Gretzky/Lindstrom/Lumley/Chartraw Panel
    14 Dave Lumley / Cut from Gretzky/Lindstrom/Lumley/Chartraw Panel
    15 Randy Gregg / Cut from Huddy/Gregg/Lowe/Emery Edge Panel
    16 Charlie Huddy / Cut from Huddy/Gregg/Lowe/Emery Edge Panel
    17 Kevin McClelland / Cut from Fuhr/Hughes/McClelland Panel
    18 Raimo Summanen / Cut from Coffey/Moog/Summanen Panel
    19 Dave Semenko / Cut from Kurri/Hunter/Linseman/Semenko Panel
    20 Don Jackson / Cut from Messier/Conacher/Fogolin/Jackson Panel
    21 Grant Fuhr / Cut from Fuhr/Hughes/McClelland Panel
    22 Andy Moog / Cut from Coffey/Moog/Summanen Panel
    23 Glen Sather / Cut from Anderson/Coaches/Pouzar Panel
    24 Emery Edge / Cut from Huddy/Gregg/Lowe/Emery Edge Panel
    25 Wayne Gretzky / Cut from Gretzky/Lindstrom/Lumley/Chartraw Panel

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