1982-83 McDonald’s Set of 36

1982-83 Mcdonald's Set of 36 (loose stickers)
4 Key Stickers

Wayne Gretzky, Guy Lafleur, Ray Bourque and Mike Bossy.

Sticker History

This was the first year that Mcdonald’s tried it’s hand at distributing stickers as a promotion through their restaurants. Fellow collector Pocket Denis out of Montreal helped me compile some of my information on this set. The packages were only available in one province in Canada (Québec). After sitting down and discussing with many dealers that were in the Québec area when these stickers came out, it’s clear that not all stickers were evenly distributed.

There were 100 packages per box and 3 stickers per package (previously I believed there to be 4 stickers per package but thanks to fellow collector Chris Elias my information is now exact). In the summer of 2013, Chris lucked out in finding 95 unopened packages out of Texas He is taking his time opening them up and as we all know, the thrill of pulling a fresh Gretzky Foil from this series is like no other. Good luck in the grading process and here’s hoping your stickers come back Gem Mint 10’s.

There are 6 different foil all stars in this set that were not made in equal proportions to the non-foil stickers. Fellow collector Pocket Denis out of Montreal helped me compile some of my information on this set. These foil all star stickers were short prints and came out of packages at a ratio of about 1 for every 35 packages (or only 3 per box), yet if foils came out as a ratio to the set size it should have been closer to 1 foil for every 6 packages. So in theory, to make a complete set of these stickers back in 1982, one would have had to open about 210 packages (2 full boxes) to get at least one of each different player in this 36 sticker series. By my best estimate the non-foil stickers were printed about 6 times more for every one foil sticker printed. Gretzky has a foil sticker in this set that is very hard to find. The Gretzky sticker is highly undervalued in comparision to it’s difficulty to pull from packs as listed in this sticker history from this set.

Sticker Facts

The size of each sticker was 4.9 cm X 6.5 cm (1.93 in X 2.56 in). The album came free with a purchase.

Wayne Gretzky Notes

Gretzky has 2 stickers in this set.



Currently building this set. It will be available shortly. Please check back soon.




If you would like to add this album to put your stickers into, I do have it available here

This album measures about 4.9 cm X 6.5 cm (1.93 in X 2.56 in) and comes to you in near mint condition and currently sits empty with no stickers.

One Response to 1982-83 McDonald’s Set of 36

  1. Here is the checklist for the 1982-83 Mcdonald’s Quebec Sticker Set of 36:

    1 Dan Bouchard Nordiques
    2 Richard Brodeur Canucks
    3 Gilles Meloche Stars
    4 Billy Smith Islanders
    5 Rick Wamsley Canadiens
    6 Mike Bossy Islanders
    7 Dino Ciccarelli Stars
    8 Guy Lafleur Canadiens
    9 Rick Middleton Bruins
    10 Marian Stastny Nordiques
    11 Bill Barber Flyers
    12 Bob Gainey Canadiens
    13 Clark Gillies Islanders
    14 Michel Goulet Nordiques
    15 Mark Messier Oilers
    16 Billy Smith Islanders*ALL STAR FOIL SHORT PRINT SP
    17 Larry Robinson Canadiens *ALL STAR FOIL SHORT PRINT SP
    18 Denis Potvin Islanders*ALL STAR FOIL SHORT PRINT SP
    19 Michel Goulet Nordiques*ALL STAR FOIL SHORT PRINT SP
    20 Wayne Gretzky Oilers*ALL STAR FOIL SHORT PRINT SP
    21 Mike Bossy Islanders*ALL STAR FOIL SHORT PRINT SP
    22 Wayne Gretzky Oilers
    23 Denis Savard Blackhawks
    24 Peter Stastny Nordiques
    25 Bryan Trottier Islanders
    26 Doug Wickenheiser Canadiens
    27 Barry Beck Rangers
    28 Ray Bourque Bruins
    29 Brian Engblom Capitals
    30 Craig Hartsburg Stars
    31 Mark Howe Flyers
    32 Rod Langway Capitals
    33 Denis Potvin Islanders
    34 Larry Robinson Canadiens
    35 Normand Rochefort Nordiques
    36 Doug Wilson Blackhawks

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