Edmonton Oilers Set of 14

Edmonton Oilers Souhaits Renaissance Mini Card Set of 14

4 Key Stickers

Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri and Andy Moog.

Sticker History

These team sets from 1983 were put out in Quebec, Canada by a company called Souhaits Renaissance. They were originally put out as a keychain set each having a very unique metal key chain style. There were 20 out of the 21 teams made (for some reason there was no St.Louis Blues made). Each team had 7 plastic cards made. The 7 cards were double sided. The ones I have seen all have the hole in the top corner as they were meant to be made into key chains. There is a premium put on these plastic mini cards if there is no hole in the top corner. There were 12 players for each team plus 1 team logo and 1 title card. Later on in the early 2000’s MINT factory cases were found of SOME of these mini cards. The good news is that finding mint factory sets of SOME of these teams now brought the market some MINT never touched mini cards. I have 6 teams available: The Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings. I have also just acquired a smattering of other players from this set, please just send me a message and I can see if I have your player or team. You will actually get 2 sets here with one purchase as I want you to be able to see EACH card in the set without having to flip each and every one.

Sticker Facts

The size of each card was about about 5.4 cm X 3.2 cm each (2.1 inches X 1.25 inches). There was no album made for this set.

One Response to Edmonton Oilers Set of 14

  1. Here is the Checklist for the 1983 Edmonton Oilers Souhaits Set of 14 (7 Double Sided pieces):

    15 NHLPA Oilers
    16 Wayne Gretzky Oilers
    17 Glenn Anderson Oilers
    18 Mark Messier Oilers
    19 Paul Coffey Oilers
    20 Kevin Lowe Oilers
    21 Charlie Huddy Oilers
    22 Jari Kurri Oilers
    23 Pat Hughes Oilers
    24 Ken Linseman Oilers
    25 Andy Moog Oilers
    26 Dave Semenko Oilers
    27 Lee Fogolin Oilers
    28 Logo Oilers

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