1997 Burger King Exclusives

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  1. Each player is pictured in a Philadelphia Flyers jersey.

    There were:

    5 players in this Burger King “Philadelphia Area” Exclusive Series. Each figure was issued in it’s own cellophane package.

    1997 Burger King Exclusives (5 in set)
    O Chris Gratton/white/orange jersey /orange base/Philadelphia Flyers /# 111
    O Eric DesJardins/white/orange jersey/black base /Philadelphia Flyers /# 112
    O Eric Lindros/white/orange jersey/orange base/Philadelphia Flyers /# 113
    O John LeClair/white/orange/orange base/Philadelphia Flyers /# 114
    O John LeClair/white/orange/black base/Philadelphia Flyers /# 115

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