March 17th 2015… It’s FINALLY here! After 12 long years, my Hockey Stickers Website is very ready and fully functional. Visit www.NHLHockeyStickers.com 

Tired of clicking on auction that say “finish your set” and quickly realize that the seller has 20 stickers to choose from? Now you will be able to easily click and pick through my massive inventory for:

-Individual stickers Sets/Boxes/AlbumsOddball hockey

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Maxime Lavergne says:

    As dicussed on eBay, here’s what i need:

    2012-2013 panini stickers

    Team Top Players:

    Team Logos:


    I would give you 35 bucks for the lot.. here’s my calculation:
    6 team logos at 1.50 = $9
    9 top players at 1.50 = $13.50
    28 bases at 33 cents = $9.25
    shipping = $3
    total: $34.75

    Let me know if that makes sense to you and if we get a deal!! THANKS!

    MaX (thevergne)

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